Holiday Traditions

December 14, 2010

One reason I love the holiday is because of all the traditions. We have several traditions. Some are the typical holiday traditions like decorating christmas cookies, sending our christmas cards and leaving out cookies for santa. Some are traditions that we have conjured up on our own.

:: The annual Mom & Daughter[s] holiday date. Typically includes lunch, a little shopping and a trip to Bath & Body Works. We continued this tradition yesterday. We started with lunch at Chili's, where Sophie got her first kids meal. She ate so much mac n' cheese she could barely move. It was hysterical! Then we went to the mall and browsed a little and of course my newest B&BW items....

please note the "hawaii coconut" hoping to post about hawaii again very soon....

:: Decorating Chirstmas Cookies. Looking forward to doing this on Sunday! We always have some kind of "best" contest. And lick our fingers several times. :)

:: Tabernacle Christmas Concert. I love the going to the christmas concert every year. It is always amazing and definitely brings the christmas spirit. This year David Archuleta is the guest singer. We do have tickets, but sadly I'm not sure we are going to be able to go.

:: Decorating the Christmas Tree. This year we had to make the tree situation a little kid proof. It is only 2ft tall and is on top of the entertainment center. It's not quiet the same as having a full sized tree but oh well. I would much rather have a mini one versus fight Sophie on it all day long. Do your kids mess with your tree? When we are at our parents house Sophie will not stop pulling the ornaments off!

I would love to hear about your family traditions!
Which ones are you looking forward to most?

These days we... are playing wii and with the fisher price "a visit from santa" playset. 


Lesa said...

It was a fun outing. I love your Christmas tree. I think it is perfect!

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