A Day Outing

November 23, 2010

Me and S went on a day outing last weekend. Normally my mom would be the third accomplice in our day outing trip but this time it was just me and S. We drove to a city about an hour away and started to check things out. We found a Zupas and stopped for a little lunch. A large bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup topped with chip strips and sour cream, oh and an extra slice of bread for Soph. We shared the chocolate dipped strawberry.

After lunch we made a few more stops. Target. We bought B a advent calendar filled with the small waxy chocolates. He loves those. We also came across some holiday items that got my mind turning, thinking about holiday crafts, treats, and some small gifts for neighbors & friends. Can't wait to share the details.

After Target we went to A Dessert Cafe for a bridal shower. The real reason for the day outing. One of my best friends from high school is getting married in december. During the shower we chatted, she opened presents, and we had mini cupcakes. Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes. Me and S shared the cupcake.

After the bridal shower we had plans to brave Cabelas, and do a little shopping for brian & my dad, but it was starting to snow. Really snow. So I opted to drive home, and do my Cabelas shopping online. Don't you love the internet?

:: a special brithday wish to my dad today! You're the greatest!

:: hopin and prayin that the big storm we are suppose to get, won't actually be that big. We are really looking forward to spending thanksgiving in WY at Grandpa's farm. But, really don't like driving in the snow.
 Snow, Snow, go away, come again another day.

what are your thanksgiving plans?


music notes said...

I missed out on some fun for sure!

Sydney Garton said...

How fun!
I love day outings with Summer.

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