September 28, 2010

:: Sophie is 9 months old and just keeps getting cuter.... If I do say so myself! She has the cutest, most social, mischievous personality! She has taken 3 steps completely on her own! This girl is going to be walking any day now! I haven't decided if that is a good thing or bad thing?

:: Pharmacy School Applications are in full swing now. We are filling out forms, faxing, mailing, sending transcripts, and writing essays, editing essays, researching .... 
This whole process is one of the most challenging and stressful things Brian and I have done. Even though it is Brian that is actually applying it is taking both of us working togther  100% to get this done. I had no idea this is what applying to graduate school entailed. We make decisions and set goals every day. Each morning while we eat breakfast we have to divide up the "pharmacy tasks" for the day. The to-do list doesn't seem to have an end in sight but, I am trying not to get too overwhelmed. I am proud of Brian for being ambitious and going after his goals and I am glad we get to work on this huge task together.

:: The last few weeks I have been very slowly working on a re-do/planning for Key Lime Blog Design which is now Key Lime Digital Designs. I was reading one of my all time  favorite blogs and got motivated to get off the fence.  Up until this point I was just half heatedly running Key Lime Blog Design. I was just kinda working on it here and there, not really promoting it, and then getting  a little disappointed when it wasn't a huge success. I guess I was just a little nervous to put myself out there. Then I read this post and this post. And I decided to be for real. I am really doing Key Lime Digital Designs. I have finally figured out what I like to do best. Design scrapbook kits, elements, and graphics. It is something fun for me to create and something {i hope} other people will love too. 
Of course I am going to keep this post about balancing life and blogging {another fabulous post from Marta} in mind at all times.  Seriously, I think it is my favorite blogland post.
I love marta's blog.

:: I posted my stats for the Get Healthy Challenge {at the bottom of the post} I didn't do as well this week. Good thing there is always next week!

Thanks for reading about our coming and goings!


Lesa said...

Good job on the Get Healthy challenge. You are such a good example to me.

I like the new design over the Key Lime.

Although it is stressful, I'm glad you two are working together. It is fun to accomplish tasks together!

Marta is one of my favorite blogs also.

She is the cutest, ever!! (I'm the grandma I can say that)

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