A few small things...

September 16, 2010

Just a few small things...

First thing.
I did my very first guest post yesterday!
You can read about my story as a violinist HERE @ Notes About Music Notes

I made this blog button for the author of Notes About Music Notes in return for dinner at Rumbi!
my mom author :)
I couldn't decide what to order at Rumbi so I made my little brother
 do a half and half trade deal with me...
we split a rice bowl {half noodles half chicken} and a chicken sandwich! Yum!
My mom says she can always tell when I want to do a  "split/share deal"
when I say, "So what are you getting...."
Second thing...
I posted a new digital scrapbook kit tonight at Key Lime.
It is called Little Birdy Love
I am very new at making digital scrapbook kits but I am loving it so far!
I also posted a few links with ideas of things to do with digital scrapbook kits.

Third Thing...

In case you are all wondering we  Brian  finally found my car keys!
Story in a nutshell...
My keys have been missing for 3 days. The last place I thought I saw them was on the coffee table... Right in Sophie's reach. I figured she must have found them and put the in the plant, under the couch, behind the comcast box, something... But, it turns out Brian left my keys at the gas station! He had taken my keys & his keys to get gas {one in each pocket}, left mine on the cashiers counter, and drove home with his! That was a laugh!
Brian wanted to make sure he got credit for finding them but he is also getting credit for losing them! :)
Love ya B!
Have a great Friday!
Thanks for reading!


Lesa @ music notes said...

Yes, come on over to Notes about Music Notes and learn all about Kendra and her violin stories! My music blog is new so come check it out and you are welcome to follow and comment.

It is true: I can always tell when Kendra wants to split meals. But I love it, then I get to try two different things. (I especially love when we split cupcakes, YUM!)

That is a great "key" story. I'm so glad S is off the hook. I didn't want her to be a thief at 8-months old. :)

Now I'm heading over to see Little Bird Love..

Brian and Kendra said...

Split/Sharing cupcakes is a must! I can never decide what kind to try!

The Bell Family said...

I love the new kit! It is adorable of course! And I am so glad the you found you keys and Sophie didn't hide them from you! LOL!

Anonymous said...

It's very convenient to blame kids for everything that goes wrong - most of the time they are to blame. There has been just 2 of us at home for years now and the kids still get blamed. They don't object either. They can't hear me. Love your posts Kendra! Karlene

Graphic Design by Tara said...

Thank you so much for hopping w/me and sharing it on Facebook! Your designs are amazing and I love the fall owls♥

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