Family Room Re-do: Lamp

July 14, 2010

As I mentioned before, my family room needed a re-do. Or I guess I should call it a "do."
It didn't have a lot of decoration theme/matching going on before.
I told you about my door project. No, it isn't done yet. Pretty much, but not quiet.
Brian still needs to get out his power tools and hang it up for me.

However, I had a lot of left over paint from the door so I decided to try and use it somehow.
We have a lamp by our front door so I thought why not. Yes, I painted my lamp shade.
I had no idea how if it would turn out but to my surprise it worked great!

The lamp shade was some kind of canvas fabric, I'm not sure exactly.

You can kind of see paint stroke marks when the sun {or camera flash} shines on it,
 but overall I think it looks fine.
My family room doesn't have a lot of natural light so hopefully you won't be able to tell!

To make the white flowers I cut 1" strips of white fleece fabric.

Then pinch the ends together and put a tiny dot of hot glue.

wow, my finger nails look GROSS, sorry for that up close picture!

Then just start rolling the fabric around itself. Occasionally add some hot glue to hold it down.

And ta-da! Cute little rosettes that you can embellish anything with!

 Now I need to get going on my to-do list!
We are off to another family reunion for the rest of the week!
When you have a baby there are about
 a million more things to think about when packing! :)  


Lesa said...

It is cute. Looks good in your living room.

I better get going on the to-do list also.

Hailey said...

The lamp shade looks great. Thanks for the how-to on those flowers, too cute. Have fun on your trip!

Ron Cooper said...

Already following you from Think of Me Thursday. Want to wish you and your family a great autumn! My wife and I are headed out to an autumn festival, visiting her parents and relaxing in the sun. Please feel free to stop by my blog, “Inspire!”

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Adorable!! I am a new follower!! Please check out my blog, and follow back!! I love the look of your blog!

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