Chatter Box

May 18, 2010

Sophie is a chatter box. I have been trying for days to get a video of her jabbering and this is the best I could do. You know how it works... you get your camera out and instantly she stops. You can't see her face very well because I was trying to be sneaky and not let her see me.

AND ... Sophie finally rolled over! Brian said he was so proud of her that he was going to buy her an ice cream cone. Maybe he will take her for an ice cream cone in her swimming suit and flip flops :)

Funny how such small things are huge accomplishments for babies!
What have been your favorite milestones with your kids?


Jenny said...

So cute! I love their little voices. Some of my favorite things for both girls were when they found their voice, started rolling and learned how to give themselves their binkie. Every milestone is fun though!

Team Reid said...

Kendra! It's Kimberly ( formerly Waters). I found your blog through a friends blog and thought I'd say hi. I haven't seen you since I was a T.A. and you were in Mrs. Wayman's 5th grade class! Holy cow, it's been forever! How have you been? You have the cutest little family! Anyway, my blog is: cause after this long you probably don't even remember me. :)

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