May 24, 2010

In high school I took AP Calculus. Honestly, I signed up for the class because a boy I really liked, and his 2 friends were going to take it. It was a genius plan really. It meant that not only did I have a class with them but it also meant that I had an excuse for after school studying! Well it only took about 1 week of class to realize that this class was business. Serious Business. But, I couldn't drop out because then how would that look to the "math boys?" So I decided to dedicate myself and really try. Hours and hours of homework and stressing and I ended up with a 3 on the AP test. Lucky for me a 3 was the lowest score you could get and still pass!
I am only recalling this story because now Brian {my real "Math Boy"} is taking Calculus this semester. When B registered for Calculus I said, "Oh, I will be able to help you!" Brian expected to have a personal tutor. Well, he came home from his first class and asked me how to find the derivative when you are multiplying sin and cos.

Me: "ah,what?"

Unfortunately for Brian, I discovered I can only remember a few basic things. My mind has purged itself of all its calculus torment! But I am proud of B and also sorry for him. Calculus is not fun. And yet, even though it is summer semester, he is giving it his all!
 Even without a personal tutor! :)


Jenny said...

I hate math in all forms. I avoid it at all cost! Good Luck B...all I can say is I am glad that it's not me in the class

Lesa said...

I remember you and "those math boys" coming over for after-school snacks and homework retreats. That was fun to watch.

Good luck to "your math boy."

You are both pretty darn smart!

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