Blondies for Blondes

May 24, 2010

Ok I am losing it! ....
Yesterday I found a "blondie" recipe on Confessions of a bake-a-holic called
Blondies for Blondes.

I made them and they were *SO* good!
Brian even immediately asked for a second one!

Well I guess I ate to many because I am having a blonde moment...
For the life of me I cannot find the recipe on her blog anymore!
I have spent at least 20 maybe 30 mins looking for it!
And I just used it yesterday!!
I was so excited to post about it and now I can't find it!
Guess I'll have to find a different treat to post about! That shouldn't be hard since there are so many delicious cooking blogs out there! Way to many to be good for my health! :)


Lesa said...

When you find it again, make sure you bring some over for us to test out! :)

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