Little Blanket Girl

March 23, 2010

In the last 2 days Sophie has become a blanket girl. My mom bought her a cute pink blanket at Swiss days last fall. It is a small blanket, maybe 1ft by 2ft. It is about the softest blanket I have ever felt! I laid it next to Sophie and she immediately grabbed onto it! For the rest of the day she held on to it, waved it around, and put it in her mouth! It was actually really adorable!
It made me think about my favorite baby blanket. Mine was purple. It started out with batting inside, and had ties. By the time I was in high school {yes, I still had my baby blanket up until high school.} it was so worn out. It had holes, no batting and no ties. It was practically 2 pieces of thin fabric being held together by a few stitches. I don't know what I did with that blanket when I was little, but I sure did wear it out! 
I hope Sophie has a favorite blanket. It is just such a fun childhood necessity!


Lesa said...

Cute picture. Yes, you were a blanket girl for sure!!

Jenny said...

So cute. Both my girls have a favorite blanket. The love them and cannot sleep without them. I have my baby blanket still...somewhere around here in a box.

alananddanielle said...

Both of our girls have a favorite blanket too. I had one and my mom saved it for me so I still have it, no I don't sleep with it anymore! Anyway we'll have to see if Adalyn has a favorite too.

Sophie's such a little cutie. She and Adalyn are so close in age, I'm sure they'll be great little friends.

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