March 20, 2010

I change my mind a lot.

Hence, the new blog layout!

I think girls are programmed to change their minds! 

 I have 3 favorite wallets right now. A Grape colored one, a sleek black one, and a flowered half moon shaped wallet. {all Fossil brand of course. My mom and I are Fossil hunters.} I love to change my mind and switch back and forth between them. When I am not using them I tuck them safely away in the closet for later. Just like I am going to save the html for my old blog layout safely in a file labeled "past layouts". You never know when you just might want to pull it out again!

This new Lime layout was inspired by 3 fabulous treats that I think about often!

1. Coconut & Lime Cupcakes from Nie Nie's food blog. {which I can't find anymore???}
2. Lime & White Chocolate Ice Cream with Mini White Chocolate Chips from here
3. And....
White Chocolate Key Lime Truffles!

You have to try these Truffles! {hmmm!} I want one right now! And guess what? I just barely ate one last night!

{Great.... I just thought of something. Now every time I log on to my computer and see my LIME flavored blog I am going to want a See's Candy. That's bad news! This layout might not last long. I might have to change my mind again soon!}

What do you change your mind about?


Lesa said...


Thanks, now everytime I look at your blog I'm going to want a truffle too. Let's go again next week ;) plus a fossil hunt.

Love it! I'm thinking designing of blogs!

I change my mind about blog layouts, purses, wallets, and FB but never key lime.

Lynn said...

This comment is not about change, but girls are programmed to change their mind. Being a guy and raised in a barn I don't know much about cute but I am sure this layout is a 10+ on the cuteness scale.

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