A Fun Valentines Weekend!

February 16, 2010

What a great 3 day weekend! On friday night Brian, Sophie and I went to the Ogden Winter Fest. It was a brand new thing they started this year. They hauled in TONS and TONS of snow and covered 25th street in Ogden. They had snowmobile races, kids were sledding, and ski races. We got there pretty late {7ish} and all the actual events had ended at 6pm. It was still really cool to see the road covered with 4-5 feet of snow!

After we walked around for a little bit we decided to go. It was getting pretty cold. All night long I had been taking pictures with my camera and had set it down on top of the stroller {in the little tray by the handle} When we got to the car I took Sophie out and buckled her in the car. Meanwhile, Brian got my purse and the diaper bag out of the basket under the stroller, put them in the trunk, and folded up the stroller. Since Brian was unloading the stroller I guess I just assumed he would get the camera too, but he didn't. He didn't even know it was there. All I can think of is that it fell off the stroller when Brian folded it up, and he didn't notice. Some lucky person found a nice camera on the street! :( So needless to say my blog will not be having any pictures for a while. Don't you just hate dumb mistakes like that!

On Sunday we went to my Mom and Dad's house for a Valentines dinner! We all exchanged valentines! I bought the cutest Tinkerbell  valentines to be "From Sophie." Dinner was delicious! We had shrimp cocktail, Enchiladas, yummy raspberry salad and my favorite food cheesecake!! The table was decorated so cute! My mom had Valentines everything! Plates, napkins, cups, placemats... I wish I had a picture!

Monday {President's Day} we woke up about 7:30, ate breakfast and went to drop Sophie off at my moms house. We were off to go snowboarding! We {Chad, B and me} went to Powder Mountain. It snowed most of the day and was pretty cold with the wind blowing on our faces but we had a great time! And we didn't have any major crashes either! Brian and Chad are both really daring! Chad about feell into a river once! {We probablly spent as much time off the actual runs as we did on.}

After we drove home my mom had hot soup and breadsticks ready for us! We needed something warm! What a great weekend...minus the camera mess up!


alananddanielle said...

That camera thing would be super frustrating. Sounds like a fun weekend though. Snowboarding really...I think I would die if I tried that again after all these years.

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