November 3, 2009

Brian and I had a lot of fun putting cobwebs all over the out side of our house! And of course to we had to get this scary talking prisoner to hang up and scare all the trick or treaters! :)
We actually had quiet a few trick or treater which was fun!

My family came over on Halloween night and we had dinner, treats, played life-size clue, and had more treats! It was really fun and I'm glad they came over!

Normally when we play clue {the boardgame} either my dad or Brian figures out the game within a few turns, but life size clue was actually a lot more challenging. It was really fun! Halloween was really fun and I can't believe its November now!!!


Lesa said...

It looks good!

Jenny said...

So creepy and scary. Good thing you did not scare those trick or treaters away!

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