happy birthday brian!

October 21, 2009

Brian is 25! I can't believe it! We had such a fun day on his birthday! Brian slept in while I went to school and took a Chemistry test. Then I got home and gave him his presents. Then we met my family for lunch at Cutlers! {yum!!} and my family gave Brian an ipod! He was so excited! .... I knew they were giving him an ipod so I had my camera ready for a reaction picture. Of course, my camera died just as he opening it. :( Guess that will just have to be a memory! After lunch we went to a corn maze out in Syracuse. They had all kinds of fun things to do besides the maze! There was slides, and duck races! Then we went home and watched the BYU game! They won!!! Then Brian's family came over for cake & ice cream! What a great day!

Brian & Kendra

Guess even if your 25 you can go down the slide on your stomach! :)

Dad & Carson playing the duck race! It was really fun! Brian ended up really wet!


Natalie and Nathan said...

Kendra! I was so glad you posted on my blog and then when I came to look at your blog it made me soo happy! Seriously. It's so cute, you're having a darling baby girl (love the blanket you made...I need to learn that), you read Methods of Madness (love it), and just lots of cute ideas!

Lesa said...

It was a fun day! I like the new header!!

Jenny said...

What a fun birthday celebration for your old man! We love you Brian and hope you had a great birthday!

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