Swiss Days

September 4, 2009

Every year on Labor Day Weekend my family and I go to Swiss Days! It is a fun craft fair in Heber Valley. My mom and I tried to count how many years we have gone and we think that we have been 7 years in a row! Swiss Days has always been fun, but this year was the best! Now that I am married and going to have a little girl it is fun to look at bows, blankets, frames, and cute decorations for my house!
I got some very cute earing's (thanks mom!) I also got a pattern for a quilt to make our baby. I have been looking everywhere and just haven't been able to find the exact pattern I wanted! Well I found the CUTEST pattern at Swiss Days!! It is a cute flower rag quilt! I haven't really ever made a quilt so I'm really excited to give it a try! You can see the cute quilts and patterns they were selling here.

My mom also bought me a mini pink cuddly blanket from Saranoni! It is the softest thing I have ever touched! I don't know if I'm going to be able to save it for our baby, I just might have to use it for myself!
After we were done shopping at Swiss Days we drove to Granny's Shakes! Brian introduced us to Granny's. They have the Best Shakes on Earth! No joke! There is so much candy in them! I got chocolate ice cream with Reese's and cookie dough! YUM!!! I Swiss Days!


Lesa said...

It was a very fun day. I always love going to Swiss Days with you. Looking forward to next year already.

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