Bug Date

September 30, 2009

{Some background Info} Brian and I are movie people. One of our go-to date idea's is going to Wal-Mart and buying a $5 movie. Even since we have been married I have always tried to get Disney Movies, and Brian says, "No. No Disney movies allowed until we have kids."

{Monday} After dinner Brian said, "Lets watch a movie." I said sure, and told him he had to pick the movie. Of course then he said I had to pick the movie. After we played the "No, you pick. No, you pick." game for a minute he said, "Look Behind the TV." I just looked at him funny and reached behind the TV. Sure enough there was the movie... A Bugs Life. I was excited, we finally owned a Disney movie!!!

I open the DVD case and something shiny fell out. A ladybug charm! Not only did he buy a Disney movie, he bought me a new charm for my charm bracelet. The start of our Disney Collection, and Bug Night Date!


Lesa said...

Very cute!

Jenny said...

What a cute date! Well I know what to get you for your birthday now. Any suggestions??

alananddanielle said...

What a sweetie! These John boys definately have a romantic side althought they might not want everyone to think so. HEE, HEE!

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