Date Night Cakes!

August 16, 2009

Since Brian and I still had all the ingredients to make a cake we decided to have a friendly little cake competition! We had a lot of fun teasing each other and claiming that our cake was going to better! It took us 2 tries to make the fondant... because of me. Last time we bought powdered sugar at Bowmans they were only 1lb bags, and this time we used powdered sugar I had bought at Albertson's. It was a 2lb bag! So I just dumped the whole bag in, just like last time. We noticed that we had used twice as much powdered sugar as we were suppose to as we were trying to roll out our fondant and it just crumbled to pieces! Woops! Guess I should read how big the bag is next time! Anyways, to end this little competition I'm going to put a poll on my sidebar so that we can get some help voting on who's cake is the best! :)

The Tea Party Cake

The Flower Cake


Paul, Julianne and the Kids said...

You guys are good! I think both cakes are awesome!

karlene said...

What talented people you are! You should go into the business. I vote for both of you!
Love Grandma Crook

The Millers said...

Wow! I think you guys did great. Love the creative idea of the tea party table and the flowers are awesome on the other cake. Hmmm...I don't know.

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