Our Mexico Adventure...

March 16, 2009

I decided this needs its own post. Its that memorable. While we were in San Diego we decided to go to Tijuana. We had been told several times to drive to the border, park in the US, and walk across the border. That was our plan. We'll somehow we missed the "LAST US exit sign." When we realized we missed it and that now we had no choice by to drive through the border I was petrified. The first thing I saw after driving through the gate was a man holding a M-4. Not my idea of inviting. I have been to Mexico a couple times, all associated with cruises in more touristy parts of Mexico. This was plan old, normal, drug wars, Spanish speaking, foreign Mexico.

Brian and I immediately decided to turn around and go back through to the US and try our "walking" plan again. First problem. All the signs were in Spanish. Neither one of us know Spanish. Finally I find a sign that says "San Diego." We turned right like the sign pointed and it ran us into a closed gate. Not the right way. So we drove for another couple mins and finally found a sign that said "San Diego" We were about 1/4 miles away from the gate to get back to the US and a policeman signaled us to pull over. There was no where to pull over. No shoulder or anything. So we stopped right in the middle of the road. The first thing he asked us was, "Do you speak Spanish."
Unfortunately no.
Then he asked for Brian's drivers license and registration.
Brian handed it to him along with $15 dollars. (We had a 10,5 and 100 dollar bill.)
He took the license and not the money.
That made me nervous. Maybe we got a honest policeman. Great.
He told us we were speeding 5km over the speed limit. Great.

He said we would have to follow him to downtown to the courthouse to fill our paperwork and pay the fine. 1644 pesos. He also told us that the courthouse would probably take a very very long time.
Brian said, "Whatever gets us out of here the fastest."
The policeman thought for a min and said, "Do you want pay your fine here?"
We said yes.
He said we owed $95. Well I pulled out the $100, knowing he wouldn't bargain down to $15 and handed it to him.
He then told us that there wouldn't be any paperwork or anything because that would be bad for us and bad for him.
They he told us to go back to San Diego. We did knowing that because of your Utah license plates we had got ripped off $100. And you know what? I would probably paid more if I had to. I love America!


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it home safe!

Wayne and LaRae John said...

What a fun trip! But I'm with you, $100 was a cheap ticket home!!!

Carson said...


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