My best client!

April 29, 2008

You would never believe who my best nail school client is... Brian! Yep he comes whenever he has free time and tells me I can practice whatever I need to on him (as long as it removable!) I can't even count how many manicures and pedicures I have given him! He probably doesn't want me to share this but last week I put acrylic tips on him! :) And I'm not going to lie it was kind of weird! But, he is such a good sport about helping me get done with school! I'm so lucky! Love ya Brian!


Lesa said...

Brian won't want me to tell these stories either...Usually on Wednesdays, Kendra comes over to the house to kill some time between school and work. I got a text from Brian that said...sorry Kendra won't be coming today, she is busy putting acrylic tips on me! I told him he must really, really love Kendra :) Another time I tried to beg Kendra to come visit someone with me. Again I got a text from him...sorry she can't go, she is doing my nails. Brian, I'm so glad you love Kendra! You are such a good sport. It is a great way to spend time together though. Love, Mom

Wayne and LaRae John said...

Brian, what a smart boy! A little girlieness on your part and Kendra will get through quicker. I hear she is getting real good at nails. I can't wait until she can do mine!

The Millers said...

I always wondered about you Brian! Just kidding. Kendra - feel free to practice on me anytime!

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