Chad's an Eagle Scout!

April 12, 2008

My little brother (Who is almost 15... so not that little) got his Eagle Scout award on Thursday! His court of honor was very fun and very well attended! For his project he wanted to do something to help in our ward directly and he came up with a great idea! Several of the elderly people in our ward had fallen walking up there front steps because there wasn't a hand rail. So, Chad installed stainless steel hand rails on 15 people's front steps! Everyone that received a hand rail was so thankful!! At the Court of Honor one of the recipients talked and she just couldn't stop saying "Thank You Chad!"



The Millers said...

I love your new page! It's really cute. And the picture in your header is so nice.

Jenny said...

What a great accomplishment for you little brother.

Cute new look on your blog!

Wayne and LaRae John said...

Tell your brother congratulations. That was a great project!

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