Day on the Slopes!

March 9, 2008

Brian and I went to Wolf Mountain Ski Resort so I could teach him how to snowboard! He was a natural! He learned really fast and pretty soon he said the resort wasn't big enough for him! He wanted bigger runs! (There was on ly 2 Ski lifts open!)
As soon as we got home Brian decided that since he is a snowboarder now, he needed his own board! So he looked around and found one he really liked! We are excited to go again!


The Millers said...

Way to go Brian! I am a terrible snowboarder. I'm pretty sure I spent 90% of the time on my butt. But, it's always fun when you find something you like doing together!

Jenny said...

Good to hear you two had fun! I agree with Jennifer, it is fun when you find things you can enjoy as a couple.

Jenny said...

You must be RICH!!!! That is an expensive hobby--but you will love doing it together for the next 30 years.


Texie B said...

Go all you can now!!! I think me and Kirk have been once since we had kids!!! By the way I tagged you check out my blog!

Wayne and LaRae John said...

Sounds fun. Glad you didn't break anything Brian! Now you guys have something else to do together! Fun, fun!

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