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February 28, 2008

This week I started school at the DATC to be a Cosmetologist! It has been really fun so far! To get your license you have to get 2000 hours, do a ton of book work, and pass a board exam. During the first part of school you learn how to do nails and skin treatment, then spend the majority of time doing hair! (Which is the part I am most excited about!) :)

Brian is still going to Weber and doing well in all his classes! I have to brag a little and say that on his last math test he got the highest score of 97% which is really impressive considering that he doesn't study for that class! ...maybe he is just a lucky guesser :)


Wayne and LaRae John said...

I hope that you enjoy your classes1 I am excited about your learning to do nails and hair too!!!! As for Brian...great grade, keep up the good work, or should I say educated guessing?!

Jenny said...

I am excited for you to be doing hair and nails, I have always thought it would be fun. Good luck with school - hope all goes well.

Brian sounds like Kurtis. Kurtis can study for 5 minutes before the exam and ace it!

The Millers said...

I didn't even know you were going to go to hair school. But, I think that's so fun. I'm Jenny, I always thought it would be fun. I can't wait until you can tell me what to do with my hair!
And, way to go Brian!

Chad and Chelsea said...

I'm glad you are enjoying school Kendra! It sounds way fun! You know that I will expect you to fix me all up...:) Brian, sounds like you are doing great in school. I agree with Kendra though, I think it's probably guessing. JK!! Love you guys!

Texie B said...

Beauty School!!! Oh I remember it. Have fun!!! The first person that I gave a haircut at beauty school was blind! Maybe you will be so lucky too.

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