New Laundry Basket Stat

December 13, 2011

Remember how I used to post pictures of Sophie in a laundry basket to show you how big she has gotten. {post 1 & post 2} Here is the latest update! The basket is bigger than our one back home but that's a good thing because Sophie is a lot bigger too! ... Almost two! Where does the time go? :)

:: We woke up to snow on our volcano yesterday morning! [We live a sea level, and the top of the volcano is 14,200+ ft] You will have to look close, but I promise there is snow at the very tippy top! [above the clouds]

:: Today is final #2 out of 6 for Brian. So far so good! Looking forward to the end of the first semester and 3 weeks of play!


lesa said...

Good luck Brian! Miss S looks cute in the basket. She looks all settled in :)

I like that dress on her.

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