Got Mac Nuts?

December 2, 2011

Yesterday Sophie and I spent the morning sitting out on the driveway cracking mac nuts. She loves to run around and pick up the green shells remnants that fly all over the place! Such a good helper.

I never knew what a macadamia nut actually looked like until we moved here to hawaii. All I knew is that they came in a round can and were tasty!

Now I know that Mac Nuts are green on the outside, brown on the inside, and white on the inside, inside. And I also know why mac nuts are so expensive. They take a lot of work to get the nut out. A lot. [Hammer and knife required] But, we love the end result, and thankful for the fact that we get to do such an un-ordinary tasks like shell and eat raw mac nuts!


lesa said...

All I want for Christmas is some mac nuts!

(cool pictures!)

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