The Girl's Bangs

March 3, 2011

These Days... The girl's bangs need attention. Daily. Otherwise they cover her beautiful brown eyes. 
Now that Sophie gets her hair done every day {and we have somehow managed to lose all 40 hair bows I made for her while I was pregnant} I have been browsing blog land for some new cute hair clip ideas. I have a basket full of clips, ribbon, flowers, beads, and a hot glue gun that need to be put to use! 
Some inspiration I found....
(click on image for source)

Hoping to get a little crafting done this weekend and make some new hair clips for the Miss!

P.S. Have you heard of The Barrel: Blogging Reviews. It is an online magazine that is gorgeous! Full of so many pretty pictures! You need to look at it!
And, another little tid bit... if I may....I just found out that the blog design I did for Emily got featured in the March issue! eeekk!
Page 18, right hand side, top.


Jenny said...

I always want to make new bows/clips, but I have so many it is crazy to make more. I will mail you some for cute little S.

Awesome that you got published in a magazine...Way to go Kendra!

Lesa said...

Very cool about the magazine!

Branden and Melissa said...

Check out these flowers, I think they are so cute! It makes me wish I had a girl!

I know the girl that makes them, but I also found this tutorial so I can make them myself, I wear them in my hair too!

Kendra said...

@ Melissa

Those flowers are so cute!!! I am going to make one! Thanks for sharing!

Ginger said...

That's awesome! Congrats on getting your design featured. :)

I love all the cute hair bow ideas too... have fun!

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful baby girl you have...and I love the cute hair bows! :)

And yes...congrats on getting your design featured...that's so exciting! Have a great weekend!

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