Whether the Weather

February 20, 2011

Who knows whether mother nature is going to provide spring or summer. Last week was warm and pretty sunny. Perfect weather for a light jacket and the park. You know, the kind of weather that gives you spring fever. Then, this morning we woke up to a dump load of snow. 8" once the storm was over. Hello, winter. again.

What's your weather? Got spring fever yet?


Ginger said...

I'm sorry you woke up to more snow this morning, but it is so beautiful! We woke up to some as well, but only a dusting. I'm so full of spring fever I could crawl out of my skin! :)

Emily said...

We are up to the mid to high 60's here and it is supposed to be 70 later this week! I know spring is on the way but I would love just one more snow day before it gets here. But here in the south if we get any snow MOST of the time we end up with lots of ice as well which I don't like at all

alananddanielle said...

We got about nine inches at our house. Alan shoveled for 6 hours yesterday. It was super pretty though.

Lesa said...

Great pictures! I'm not quite ready for the snow to be gone yet. I know I'm weird like that.

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

I wish we had snow. Not very winter-ish here in Southern California. I love the pics of yours though!

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