February 28, 2011

Last night Brian and I made a late night decision... We started a netflix 30 day free trail. We have been talking about getting netflix for several months but decided that it would be smartest to wait until the school semester was over before we signed up. Somehow we convinced ourselves last night was the best time to have unlimited access to Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, and every other movie listed in the Classic Comedy genre section. Not to mention the new releases featuring Matt Damon, that Brian loves, and every episode of Lost.

Unfortunately Matt Damon and Audrey never co stared in a movie together. This leaves us watching a wide range of movies. His and Hers movies. Sometimes we watch a classic, sometimes a new release. The first movie on our queue, Brian's pick, True Grit. A remake of a classic. Seen it? Should be arriving in my mailbox shortly!

The fine print for netflix is keeping in mind that all the unlimited-ness will still be available after playing with Sophie, homework, and folding the socks. Unlimited. Always available. No need to watch every movie avaliable today or tomorrow. They will still be there next week, next month and the next.
Excited for a new free time activity, netflix-ing.

Do you have netflix? What movies are in your queue?

PS - Coincidentally my mom wrote about my other favorite free time activities on her blog today. Like mother like daughter.


Lesa said...

You will love Netflix! (I didn't think you would hold out until the semester ended ha ha)

the cape on the corner said...

i love netflix, i love adding new movies and watching instant ones. i just got an ipod and am excited to watch my netflix from anywhere. sigh. super excited!

Dawn @ Musings from the Pigg Pen said...

We aren't big movie watchers but had Netflix for a year (until we weren't getting our moneys worth anymore...but it is great. We loved it when we used it. And if you have the streaming through a Wii or PS3 it is great...even for a quick kids' cartoon. Enjoy!

Kendra said...

@ lesa I knew there would be a chance we didn't wait til the end of the semester either... but we tried :) lol

@the cape on the corner...
I just added the netflix app on my ipod and it is awesome! you'll love it!

Kendra said...

@ dawn - yes we have a wii to stream through...
and an ipod. and two laptops. having the device to watch isn't going to be an issue! :)

Elizabeth said...

Kendra, we LOVE Netflix!! You just cannot beat it....we tried it and was hooked. Happy watching!

Ginger said...

We turned off our satellite over 2 years ago and turned on Netflix. My Brian and I watch the new shows on Hulu. We will never go back to satellite again. If you are going to stick with Netflix, I would highly recommend buying a Roku. They are about $70. I love it and it doesn't wear out my kids' XBox. It also comes with a remote and loads faster and the quality is a little better.

Happy Carey, Audrey, and Matt watching! :)

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