Unsure of the Vacuum

January 25, 2011

Sophie is unsure of the vacuum. Not scared, just unsure. I take advantage of this. Whenever I need a moment, or when the floor actually needs to be vacuumed, which is always, I set Miss S up on the couch and get the vacuum out of the closet. From that moment on she doesn't move a muscle. She watches every move the vacuum makes, just stares at it.

However, the minute the vacuum goes back in the closet, she is back to her normal routine. And if you can't tell by the post it notes stuck to her jacket, the toothbrush on the couch, the wii remote in her left hand, and my cell phone in her right.... she is a busy girl.

...sometimes I go over the floor multiples times.

:: these days we are... working on beating donkey kong, eating cinnamon burst cheerios, and shoveling a dump load of snow.


Julie said...

I remember that time. Now it's just my cats that run from the vacuum.

Jenny said...

I wish that trick worked on my girls. Riley cries, Samantha and Bailey run away screaming as if I am going to plow them over with the vacuum!

Lesa said...

Good to know... :)

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