December 7, 2010

Just a few little letters....

Dear B,
Today you told me your work schedule for the next two weeks. I'll miss you.

Dear Art Professor,
Thank goodness I never have to deal with another one of your assignments again.

Dear Sophie,
Today while I was getting ready to leave the house {putting my coat and shoes on} you walked over to the closet, got out your boots and carried them over to me. You are too smart!

Dear Craft Closet,
You are about to burst. I have big plans for you next week. 

Dear Mom,
It made my day when you gave me 6 mini rolls of bakers twine.

Dear Christmas,
Only 17 more days....

Dear USN,
Please call B tomorrow.

Dear Photobucket,
I forgot that you were storing our cruise pictures. I thought I had lost them forever when the computer died. yippe!

Dear Mailman,
Please Please Please don't pound on the door while B and I are enjoying a nice nap on the couch together. You scared us both to death and about got yourself shot.

Dear Christmas Shopping,
You are being slightly difficult this year. You are not providing any gifts for B. Not a single one.

Dear Library Book,
You are waiting.  I am coming... as soon as I push post.



Hailey said...

Oh Dan the mailman...I can only assume that's who woke you up! I'm having similar problem with Dave's christmas shopping. For some reason I can think of a million things I want but he only asks for world peace :). Gotta love it!

Lesa said...

I love your letters..

Glad I found that twine. I wonder what fun things you are going to do with it.

I hope you get some of your letters answered today :)

Lesa said...

and I like the welcome at the top right

and I love the picture of you and B

the cape on the corner said...

love this post, really!

Kendra said...

Yes, hailey it was dan the mailman. :)

Anna said...

Fun blog, Kendra!

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