Little Things

November 29, 2010

Sometimes you just gotta savor the little things like the relish tray, cherry m&m's, and homemade peanut butter fudge at Thanksgiving. All plated nicely, on sweet plates, on top of the blue tablecloth. My mom thinks I hate the blue tablecloth. Here is a little secret, don't tell. The table cloth is growning on me. I used to think the blue table cloth was old fashioned and just covering up the beautiful wood table underneath, but now, there are sweet memories attached to it.

My mom uses the blue tablecloth for birthdays, sunday dinners, holidays, and sometimes just because. When you walk into her kitchen and see the blue tablecloth you can expect great things. Little candies, pretzels & dip, homemade rolls, raspberry salad, or maybe even some sort of fruit cocktail.

In the back of my mind I also remember my grandma cottle using a blue table cloth. Blue was her favorite color, light blue that is. Funny how we remember little things isn't it?

Today I am going to log away these two sweet little things:

How adorable Miss S looks in her new pj's. Santa had to come a little early, Soph was just to tall for her 9month jammers. Luckily santa's elf just happened to have some new ones stashed. They are so cute I think I will let her wear them all day. Maybe even to the that bad? 

The lucky charms I had for breakfast were delicious. I forgot I liked them so much! Especially with my milk. Skim milk. I bought it just for me. This is a big deal because we are just switching Sophie to whole milk and Brian is in heaven. He hates "white water". Whole milk is his favorite. So I buy whole milk for them and skim just for me. While Brian and I were first dating my mom would buy a half gallon of whole milk just for him. Sweet huh?

How was your thanksgiving weekend? Hope you have some sweet little things to remember.


Lesa said...

Well here is a little secret as well. I never liked my Mom's tablecloths very much either. But then they grew on me. :) Thanks for talking about the little things. They are important!!

The Bell Family said...

Love it! So this sweet little boy of mine I had to buy 18 month jammies for this weekend. Yes you read that right! He is very skinny and long and the 12 month one he has are getting kinda short! LOL!

Sydney said...

Your mom sounds like an amazing cook.. yum!

Haha I totally laughed out loud at the whole milk thing.. too too funny.

Sydney Garton said...

Okay.. so I must've read this post right before I went to bed or something because I.. SERIOUSLY had a dream about those delicious looking peanut butter fudge treats. Yes, unfortunately I must dream about food. : /

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