A Few Bloggy Tips

November 30, 2010

I am excited to share a few bloggy tips with you today!

Tip #1. Replying to Comments in Your Email
{learned this tip from my mom}

Did you know that if your blogger profile is set up correctly people can reply to your comments straight from their email inbox! Awesome huh?

So lets say my friend Sydney left me a comment on a blog post {which she frequently does, thanks! You're awesome!} After reading her comment, I want to reply and tell her thanks for commenting, that she has adorable boots, and that we need to go to yogotogo and try the apple pie yogurt soon! So I push reply and  this is what happens....

See how it says "no reply"? Dang! That means that she doesn't have her email address attached to her blogger profile. If she did, her email address would show up instead of "no reply".

Let me show you how to fix that!  Go to your blogger dashboard and click on edit profile.

All you have to do is check mark the box that says "show my email" and make sure you have your email address typed in correctly below. Ta-Da! Now whenever you leave a comment the blog author is able to reply if they want! Cool huh?

:: Want to check and see if your profile is set up correctly for "replying"?
 Leave a comment and I will reply!

Tip #2. Getting to Your Dashboard Quickly
Maybe this tip isn't that cool, but I just discovered it and I'm lovin' it!

Want a quick way to get to your blogger dashboard from your own blog?
See that little guy in the top left corner of your blog. I never really paid any attention to it.
I didn't think it was anything. Turns out, clicking that takes you straight to your dashboard!
Pretty slick!

Tip #3. Searching a Blog

Again, maybe not that cool, but I never really paid attention to anything on the top navigation bar until recently so it's cool to me....

Did you know that you can search a blog for specific words, even if they don't have the "search" widget on their sidebar?
Just type the word in and all the posts with that word, or very similar words, will show up in order from newest to oldest.

:: Well that's all my tips for now. Are there other bloggy things you wish you knew? Ask away! I just might use them in an upcoming tip post.

and.... if you want to ask me a blog question, or any question for that matter, but are fellin' a little to shy go and submit your question HERE. It's all anonymous! :)


Sydney Garton said...

Haha.. apple pie yogurt sounds amazing.. maybe Friday!

I didn't know that my email wasn't set up on here.. hmmm.. maybe I will fix that right now! I didn't know any of these things you just posted about. I love your bloggy things posts!

Lesa said...

Hello, can I come with you and Sydney to try appie pie yogurt?

just kidding....kinda

Hailey said...

Amazing, I didn't know any of that stuff. Thanks for the info! Seriously, apple pie yogurt sounds heavenly.

Jackie H. said...

I didn't know about the searching or the B that takes you to your dashboard. It always seemed like such a round about way getting to my dashboard. This is much better! Thanks for the tips.

Linda said...

Thanks for the tips.

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