one thing i hate.

October 18, 2010

When I said "I love fall time" I must have forgotten about the fine print. Spiders.

I love fall. I hate spiders. And of course the two go hand in hand. Why?

Late last night Brian and I were cram studying {due to a fun birthday/halloween party weekend} Since we had both procrastinated I got stuck using the old computer that has been under the couch for months. I was studying, just minding my own business, learning how to use IF functions on excel when a little spider crawled across my screen. *scream*

"Brian, go get toilet paper, quick!"

Brian took care of the spider and didn't say a word.
About half an hour later another spider creeped across my computer screen.

This time I lost it. I tossed the laptop to the side. Brian went to get some more toilet paper but it was too late. I was too busy freaking out to watch where the spider had crawled off too.

I couldn't handle the thought of just letting a  spider crawling around on my living room floor. Especially since Sophie lives on the floor. 

I made Brian move the couch {the one the laptop was under} and check to make sure we didn't have a spider community taking over our family room. Another spider! Luckily it was just one but still. That was it. The end.  No spiders welcome here. Thanks.

I moved everything. Vacuumed all the carpet, celling, corners, ect... Until I was satisfied there weren't any more spiders. Of course Brian thought I was being very dramatic {and I probably was }. He said, "Spiders just happen. Everyone gets spiders in their house. It's fine. Stop stressing. I will buy a bug bomb if you want me too."

It's not that I am afraid of spiders. Yes, they are creepy, nasty and make my skin crawl. But it's not just that. I just hate the thought of something invading my house without my control. Just thinking about it makes my nose itch. Why? Why can't spiders just stay outside?

I never really felt this way about spiders til I had my own house. Growing up my dad would kill the spider and it was no big deal. But now, I am the one responsible for my house. I am the one who has to be spider control and I hate it.


Hailey said...

Amen to that post sistah! I have been finding some very big, black, hairy ones in our house. I think I heard one scream today as Dave squished him. Looks like it's time to buy some spider spray!

Sydney Garton said...

I make Scott kill all our spiders too. He doesn't quite understand why I can't kill them! I can kill any bug but a spider. Creepy! Hate them!

Lesa @ music notes said...

I read this right before bed last night...

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