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October 22, 2010

{left: husand - right: hyrum}

The other day I accidentally moved all 450 files from my "pictures" folder onto my desktop. Yikes. They there were, all 450 pictures on my desktop just in case I wanted to look at them.
It took forever to fix. And of course I didn't do it immediately. I re-organized them over a few days time. Did you know one of Brian's pet peeves is having a ton of files on the desktop?

While I was trying to reverse the mess of files I came across a few pictures of B on his mission. {Isn't he cute?} He served a 2 year mission for the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Virginia. Looking through the pictures I started to wonder...

What would it be like to serve a mission, a full time mission? I know all members of the church are suppose to be missionaries through service and example but I am talking about white shirt & ties with little black badges.

What would it be like moving, in faith, away from family and friend to a strange culture? Would I be able to answer the questions of those who are seeking out the gospel?  Could I learn a new language? I can't imagine what an adventure that would be!

My oldest-younger, and much taller, brother is getting closer to being 19 and serving a mission. I wonder where he will go... australia? texas? I can't wait to write him old-fashioned handwritten letters and send him some oreos & snickers. He will be a great missionary!

:: Have you ever gone to mormon.org

The new Mormon.org is designed for visitors to learn more about members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. To help share the gospel each member of the church has the opportunity to create a profile; a collection of stories and testimony. I haven't gotten around to creating a profile {working on it} but my mom has one. Hi, I'm Lesa - I'm a Mormon ....

I am blessed by being member of the LDS church. I want to be a missionary, even if I don't have a white shirt and black badge.

Do you have a mormon.org profile?
Or maybe you want to learn more about the LDS church?


Lesa said...

That was fun to see a picture of Brian on his mission!

I can't believe Ch will be going so soon. It is still a ways out but will be here before we know it.

Thank you for sharing this post. Thank you for linking my profile.

I bet that was fun to have all those pictures on the desktop!

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