Holiday Eats

October 28, 2010

The other day I was thinking about the holiday season, it's coming right around the corner! One of the best parts about the holiday's is the food. Don't you agree? I love the special treats and homemade meals with friends and family. I love the apple pie and gingersnap cookies. Stuffing is a must and the homemade candy is to die for.  

This late night holiday brainstorming is what instigated my newest idea.

Introducing: the holiday eats post series.

Every friday during the holiday season I will be having a guest blogger share their families favorite holiday recipe. I have some tasty treats lined up already.... caramel apple crisp, glazy popcorn, the best ever pumpkin treat.....

No recipe today though. Just the intro and some of my holiday eats memories.

  • I remember going to grandma's crooks farm for christmas. Santa brought me a play kitchen and grandma made an apron just my size. We made jungle cookies and I wanted to cook them in my play kitchen.
  • I remember wrapping taffy at grandma cottle's house {only the big girls were allowed to pull} and stretching the peanut brittle with forks.  
  • I remember passing the jello across the table at thanksgiving dinner and one of the jiggler's spilling right into the bowl of ranch dressing.  
  • I remember my first thanksgiving with Brian's family. I was assigned to bring the salt & pepper. 
  • I remember making caramel popcorn for the neighbors and taking turns with chad running them up to the neighbors door.
  • I remember dad sorting through my halloween candy. He would say, "you won't like this one..." as he picked up a snickers bar.
  • We decorate christmas cookies every year. I always spend forever decorating the first cookie, making it perfect. Then after that I just squirt on the frosting! They taste good no matter what right?
Don't the holidays taste good?

:: interested in sharing a recipe or food tradition? I would be delighted to have you as a guest post! email me. keylimedigitaldesigns{at}


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Jenny said...

I love holiday food too! So yummy!

Lesa said...

This post gets me excited for the holidays!

my shy thai said...

following you from this weekend's blog hop!

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