birthday week.

October 11, 2010

Today is the beginning of B's birthday week. I am to blame for the "birthday  week"
tradition. What can I say other than I like to take advantage of my birthday.

 I love my husband and he knows that, but his birthday is a perfect time to show him in a million ways! To kick off his birthday week I made a "26 reasons I love you garland"
{inspired by inchmark}

Punched out 26 little shapes and wrote reasons I love him on the back.
Then I strung the shapes on the ribbon. I started the garland on the front door, with brian's picture and a happy birthday week message. The garland goes around the family room, onto the entertainment center.
26 love notes + a container of pineapple sherbet = the start of birthdy week

happy birthday week brian!


Lesa said...

What a fun idea!

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