A Girls Day + A Treasure

September 20, 2010

Last Saturday my mom, her sisters, their daughters, and Sophie and I went on a special girls outing. We got together to in memory of my grandma, Laree, who passed away 10 years ago this week.

I have posted about my grandma laree before.
You can read about her HERE and read why Sophie is named after her HERE.

I learned some fun things about my grandma on saturday.
One of my aunts brought grandma's scrapbook.
I didn't even know it existed!
It was old, torn, and crinkled, but it was priceless treasure.

We sat on the floor, in a circle,  reading love notes,  diary entries, old newspaper clippings, poems, more love notes, and a few more love notes....  I had no idea my grandma was so boy crazy as a teenager!
But then again weren't we all? :)

 aunts, cousins, and my mom....
We were all acting a little goofy. We were having the time of our life reading these letters from grandma.

This note was on the very first page...

Pictures of Laree as a girl....

Sophie Laree

 After reading the scrapbook and lunch at the olive garden {never ending pasta bowl. yum.} we went to the cemetery where grandma was buried. We all miss her and can't wait to see her again. Until then we will just have to keep reading her scrapbook full of memories.


Lesa @ music notes said...

....tears but good ones.

I love the last one of S sitting on the headstone! So priceless. Very precious.

It was a fun day! Thanks for sharing this post.

Hailey said...

Your sweet grandma probably had no idea what a blessing that journal was going to be to her posterity. Makes me want to be better about journaling. Thanks for sharing!

Nancy Jackson said...

That is so cute! you are so lucky to have that to look at and read.

scrapcraft said...

What a great piece of history from your family!

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