Back 2 School Dinner

August 23, 2010

Today it's back to school...

Here is whats on my school schedule:
Into to Visual Arts (online)
Business 1010 (online)
Internet Sales & Service (online)
TBE (on campus)

Last night we went to my mom & dad's house for sunday dinner.
We go to their house for official sunday dinner once a month.
Most months we have "themed" dinners.
{Pictures + stories from past sunday dinners HERE}

Yesterday's theme was "Back to School"
My mom had the table decorated super cute!

colored lined paper
a stack of books
  a mason jar full of brand new, sharp, colored pencils.
"back to school" banner 
 paper clips.
name tags

Notice the cake in this picture? It's chocolate zucchini cake....
I have to admit I ate some for breakfast this morning, which probably negated my 3 mile walk but oh well. Sometimes you just need a little chocolate!

Besides the cake, for dinner we ate:
taco soup
corn on the cob

Hope everyone is enjoying "back to school" whether its you hitting the books, or packing up a brown sack lunch for your kids!

ps::  Want to see the toys Sophie plays with at my mom's house? Read HERE.

pps:: Can you tell I am in back to school mode?
 I just noticed I made 3 lists on this post!


Lesa said...

It was fun. Hope your first day went well!

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