White Asparagus

July 12, 2010

In my community we have what is what's called Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op.
{Check to see if it's in your area. They have sites in AZ, NV, WA, UT, ID, TX, WY}

This is how it works... I order a "basket" online on Monday's and on the next
 Saturday morning I go pick it up.
I love going Saturday morning to pick up the basket.
You never know what yummy produce you will get! It's different every week!

In the past we have gotten a variety of berries, melons, potatoes, apples, oranges, coconuts, and may other tasty things.

And somehow every single week there is a bunch of bananas in our basket!
 Don't the basket people know that I hate bananas! :)
I guess when I am only paying $15 for a basket full of produce I shouldn't complain!

Last Saturday morning I went to get the basket and
this is what I found.... White Asparagus
I have never heard of white asparagus before.
And I spend a lot of time watching food network!

Have you? I am going to try cooking it just like regular asparagus but I'm not sure what it will taste like. Anyone have any good asparagus recipes/cooking tips, for white or green? Please let me know! :)


Jenny said...

Kurtis told me about white asparagus...I thought he was lying. I have never had it, but I saw on the food network it is bitter. I would check the food network online for ideas.

Hailey said...

It really isn't the most lovely thing to look at and I love asparagus. I figure if you add enough butter to anything it will make it taste better!

des said...

mmmm! grilled asparagus is the best! drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle some s and p, and when its done a squeeze of lemon - MMM!

Jackie H. said...

I agree. Add lemon. It always helps. I have a great recipe for asparagus chicken tacos. I've always used green asparagus (bc I've never seen white). It's basically sauted chicken and aparagus add frozen corn and black beans salt/pepper to taste and a little lemon juice. We love it1

Carolyn said...

The only time I ever had white asparagus was in Ecuador. It was made into a really creamy soup, kinda like potato soup. It was so yummy. I wish I had the recipe!

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