July 29, 2010

Sometimes things just make you smile.
Here are a few things that are making me smile lately...

My new Fossil bag. Dillards. It was 30% off + an additional 40% off!
It has a magnetic closure. Beware, once you buy a purse with a magnetic closure it's over.
You will never be able to go back to snaps or zippers again!

This stack of fabric I got from "the fabric heaven store".
I could seriously spend forever in "the fabric heaven store"
Oh wait, my mom & I have spent 2 hours there before.
 To any husband or child that would constitute as forever.

The JUMBO ric-rac to go with the fabric. Only a $1.50 a yard!
"I'll take two please!"

These Peanut Butter-Peanut Butter cookies! {made by mom} Yum!
Anyone know why peanut butter cookies get fork marks?

This tootpaste. I was a sucker and bought the *brand new* extra whitening iso-active toothpaste.
It was worth it! It's fabulous!
P.S. I have no idea where the lid is....

What things are you lovin' right now?


Carolyn said...

Ok, so I really wish I had all of your "things." It appears we have a lot in common because they would make me smile too!

Lesa said...

I still smile when I think of your face when you saw that bag. Then you didn't even look inside except to see the magnet and then you just said "done." It was fun!!

I think those cookies should be dipped in chocolate. Too rich? Dad thinks they are already too rich but he got the cookie on top of the cookie bin that had all the frosting left from the bowl. It probably had 10 T. of frosting, rich alright!

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