Using Bloggers "Pages" function with Pictures

March 30, 2010

Blogger has a new "Pages" function! It makes it so that you can link to a new page (ex: about me) and there is no date at the top! This also makes you blog look a little more like a websit than a blog.nI have used this function on my personal blog to make a recipe page, tutorial page, about me page... the possibilities are endless!

This is also how I created the green bow links.....

First you need to set up the pages.

First go to the Posting Tab
Then Go to Edit Pages
Click on New Page

Then create your page!
Once you have gotten it just how you want it push "publish page"

Then go to your layout tab. You should see a gadget already added that says "pages"
(if not go to "add gadget" and add "pages")

Move the gadget to the very bottom of your layout. You aren't actually going to want people to see it.

Ok now you need to create the picture you want people to click on. You can use Paint, Photoshop, Gimp, anything! You will want to make sure you don't make your picture any wider than 125px. Otherwise it will get cut off.

Once you have created you picture and saved it go back to your actual blog, scroll to the bottom, and click on your page (so click on whatever you titled you page.) The page you created should come up.
Copy (ctrl c) the url for the page.

Then go back to your layout tab
choose "add new gadget"
Add a picture
Upload the image you created
Where is says "Link" paste the url of your page that you just copied.
save and check out your blog!
Blogger will let you have up to 10 pages so you can do this with all 10 of your pages if you want!


Amy @ said...

Thanks for the tip, I already have pages working, but now I will add pics. Thanks for stopping by peppertowne

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