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March 9, 2010

Sophie Laree John was blessed on March 7, 2010.
 This first picture was taken AFTER her beautiful dress was taken off. {To see pictures in her dress click here.} She didn't really like wearing her dress at all. It wore her out big time. But I guess that makes sense... Remember how after prom or homecoming it was almost a relieved to get those big puffy dresses off, so I don't blame her. I love in this picture how her toes are sticking through the blanket {made by my Aunt Gaye} Her blessing day was great and I am so proud of all the men who stood in the circle to give her a blessing. I am proud of Brian. He is such a great dad and husband! He is really busy with work, school, getting ready for the MCAT and applying to medical school but, we still have fun together every moment we can!

Here are pictures of her with her family, who just adore her...

Sophie's Great Grandma June, Great Grandpa Cottle and Her Unlce Carson.

Great Grandpa and Grandma Crook

Great Granddad

Grandma Crook and Great Grandpa Cottle

Mom & Dad :)

Grandma John, Mom & Dad, Grandpa John


alananddanielle said...

We're glad we could be a part of her special day. She looked beautiful, what a sweet baby! I'm so glad to be in a family that so many of the men can hold the priesthood and give our sweet little ones blessings.

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