Such a hassle

February 9, 2010

I normally do not enjoy shopping for a new car because I hate the hassle of salesman, and talking numbers...

Brian's truck finally retired. It still ran but was getting very very questionable. So we started the project of looking for a new car. We knew it needed to have 4 doors {i will be driving it} and we obviously had a budget we wanted to stay in. I did a lot of research online before we actually went looking. I went to high school with a girl whose family owns a car dealership. I looked at the online inventory and decided we should check it out. I thought that maybe since it was a family owned dealership they wouldn't be as pushy or annoying or rip us off as much. {you know how normally you tell them your price range and then they show you cars that are way more expensive. I hate that!} We went to this dealership, Beutler Auto, and they had about 4 cars we were interested in. We test drove them, checked them out, and narrowed it down to 2 choices a Toyota Yaris and Toyota Corolla. They salesman was really nice, and really honest about the cars. Up to this point I was actually enjoying shopping for a car!

 We left that dealership for awhile to go look at a few more cars {even though we really liked the Yaris and Corolla} At the next dealership we went through 3 salesmen before we left. I guess we are really difficult to work with!  The first guy came out and showed us some cars but they weren't even close to what we were looking for so Brian told him that. He went inside and came out with a new salesman for us. After a while the 2nd guy went inside and got the main sales manager to help us. By now Brian and I were really frustrated so we just left. We went back to the first dealership, Beutler Auto, and tried to make a choice between the Yaris and Corolla. I liked them both and it was a hard choice! After a few more test drives and comparisons we decided to go with the Yaris!
This is our new car! {excpet blue}


Jenny said...

New cars are fun. Glad you were able to find something that suits your needs!

Lesa said...

Congrats on your new car!

alananddanielle said...

Gotta love car shopping!!! Not my favorite either. Glad you guys found something, it's cute. Congrats!

The Millers said...

Congrats on the new car! Too bad about the truck, but it's always fun to drive something new.

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