Can you believe??

December 1, 2009

....That its December!! I can't! That means only 25 days til Christmas and 30 days til the due date for our baby girl!!! Brian and I have had 3 baby showers thrown for us {all of them were great!} I feel like we pretty much have everything we need, except the baby! :) And not that I feel completely prepared for having a baby but I sure am ready to be done being pregnant! 9 months is a really long time!

Brian & I have set up the nursery and there is a LOT of pink of purple! {i think a little too much for Brian}

Last night we set up our Christmas Tree! .... the same Christmas Tree from last year.... The one that leans sideways and the branches are all falling off. :) We had fun putting it up and it works!  Merry Christmas!


Jenny said...

Sorry I could not be to your shower! I would have loved to have been there! Hope you are feeling well! Your nursery and Christmas tree are super cute!

alananddanielle said...

Looks like you're all set! The baby's crib and room are way cute! Way to go! We're excited for you guys. We still really need to set up our tree, we'll probably wait until after Abigale's birthday party.

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