Ever Wonder....

November 18, 2009

What the inside of a tv looks like? I never have but I got to find out! Brian decided we were done with the tv in our extra bedroom {mostly just because it took up so much space} It is a really big, heavy tv so he couldn't carry it out to the truck to take to the dumpster by himself so I guess he thought... Just take the tv apart, see the cool stuff on the inside, plus then I can carry it by myself. {Guy thinking for sure}
After he took it apart I asked if he could put it back together... ha ha that would be a NO!


alananddanielle said...

Sorry I lost you for a little while. I didn't realize you'd switched your blog address but don't worry, I'm back. I know you could never secretly live without my comments. Hee, hee

Jenny said...

Boys will be boys is what comes to mind. This is a little to late but you should have sold the TV on Craigslist or something! Oh well. I am sure Brian had fun!

Lesa said...

Carson would have liked to help with that project! Boys will be boys comes to my mind also.

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