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September 20, 2009

As you can see I have put a name poll on our sidebar. I want everyone to know that Ottisa {girl form of Ottis since none of the John boys can seem to have any boys} is an option for Brian and for Brian only! He made me put it on there! No one vote for it! If that name wins he'll try even harder to convince me to use it! :) But if anyone has any great name ideas for us we would love to hear them!


Brian & Cami said...

Cute names! I have a friend at work that just named their baby Lily Jane which I thought was so cute!:) I hope you are feeling well...

Jenny said...

I voted for Ottisa for Kurtis. I think that it is an inside joke for the family and I thought it was hysterical!

Cecily said...

Darn, I'm too late to vote in your name poll!!! Can I put in a few votes for Chloe & Hannah anyway? I LOVE those names! I'm sure whatever you decide on will be perfect.

ps - I love the quilt! Hope you're feeling well - not long until you'll be holding your precious newborn and be so happy, yet so totally exhausted. It's so wonderful. :-)

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