July 2, 2009

....the computer just sucks you in!! Brian got home from school today and immediately fell asleep on the couch. Which I don't blame him. He closed last night at Bostons then had to get up at 6 for school! :( anyways, so he was sleeping on the couch and I didn't want to wake him up. I knew I needed to do some dishes and laundry before work, but those are just too loud of activities to do while someone is trying to sleep. (right?) So I got out the computer, because that's a quiet activity. Well I have now almost spent two hours figuring out cool stuff you can do to your blog, fonts, headers, borders.... and haven't done a single chore! Oh well I guess. If you want to waste some time the two sites I found all the blog help were here and here (under free fonts.)


Lesa said...

Cute! I like it.

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