Cutting Crew Episode 2

January 21, 2009

I have written about cutting crew before and how much I love it well today that was not the case. I was voted the "lice checker." We check all the elementary kids for lice before we cut their hair. In the past we have run across one maybe two cases of lice in a whole school year.

A cute 3rd grade girl walked in and said, "I don't have lice... I shower. But my head is itchy."
I was nervous. Sure enough I parted her hair (with gloves on of course.) and found some black creepy crawlies. I took the girl to the school nurse immediately. She cried the whole way down the hallway. I felt bad for her. What an embarrassing thing to happen.

So I went back to the lunch room to check more kids. I felt itchy and had goosebumps just thinking about lice. I tried to pawn my "lice checker" job onto someone else but everyone refused. So another cute little girl sits down. Same story. Lice. I took another crying girl down to the school nurse. By this time I had decided that I wanted to leave cutting crew, go home, shower and sanitize! But there was one little boy left. I checked him. No lice. Thanks goodness. I got his cape on and started cutting and about 1 min later he was pulling the cape off, squirting the squirt bottle, screaming at his friends, playing with the scissors, and of course wiggling. I had it..... I hate cutting crew. I told the boy if he didn't stop moving I would shave his head. He proceeded to tell me he thought that was a good idea. I pretty much just let him go to recess after that. It wasn't my best haircut ever. I will never ever for any reason be the "lice checker" again. EVER.


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sorry that happened. I am itchy just reading about it. :(
I hope you don't have to do that again ever.

Jenny said...

Not fun! Sorry you had to deal with the lice! Hopefully you did not get it in the process.

Jordan and Shalyce said...

Hehe That actually was pretty funny to me. But I never would want to be in your place. I love how when you threatened the kid you'd shave his head, he got all excited. What a typical boy!

Matt and Jade said...

Lice Checker? That's funny, but you know someone has to do it.

The Millers said...

That stinks! I would be so worried that I got lice, I'm sure I would feel them crawling in my hair. Yuck. Definately try to get out of that one!

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