Our Christmas Tree!

December 4, 2008

This is our first Christmas tree! Its a little unique. It tilts to the side and has about 10 text books around the base to make it stand up! But were proud of it! :) Merry Christmas!


Lesa said...

Looks good! We will have to come and see it in person.

Jordan and Shalyce said...

The textbooks are a nice touch to the tree. If the tree was fabulous what would you tell your grandkids in 50 years? We're supposed to struggle right? We just decorated our decorative pine trees I keep up all year long :) Kind of lame. Hey, Brian told me that you guys don't have dental insurance and would maybe be interested in getting your teeth cleaned by me up at weber state. I have to find my own patients so I was just wondering if you guys really wanted to. Just let me know if you do. Merry Christmas!!!

Jenny said...

Cute tree! Love it! Kurtis and I had a really tiny tree our first year it was depressing! Glad you went all out!

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