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December 10, 2008

Don't you wish this is what all houses where made out of? :)
My mom and I made this house for her RS Christmas party!
There were so many creative houses!
A Lady in her ward had the best idea... Sprinkle your house
with powdered sugar when your done and it looks like snow!
The best part is getting to lick the frosting off your fingers
when you done!


Lesa said...


Jordan and Shalyce said...

Yeah! I'm so excited you guys want to come. I'm like having ulcers thinking about finding patients. So I have clinic Mondays at 8 am or Wednesday at 12:30. starting up again when school starts. So just pick a day and let me know. You can call me too 390-4835 Thanks so much! Hey, if you need people to come get their cut too I'll totally let you cut my hair. Just let me know. -Shalyce

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