Easy Mint Truffles

November 24, 2008

So easy and Delicious...

You need:
One bag on Mint Oreos (Double Stuffed it Best!)
Cream Cheese
Dipping Chocolate (or chocolate chips)

All you do is put the oreos in the blender til it is all powdery and crumbled. Pour the oreo crumbles in a bowl and mix in the cream cheese. It will roll up in a little ball, perfect for dipping in chocolate! They will look like hand made chocolates and were about a million times easier! Try it!

Thanks to Marleah for the idea!


Jenny said...

Those sound yummy and easy. I will have to try them!

Brooke said...

Sounds good! Thanks for the recipe!

Matt and Jade said...

Great idea. I hope they turn out just as good as yours.

The Millers said...

Hey, we just made these at enrichment night, except with regular oreos! And they really were delicous. Good idea!

Paul, Julianne and the Kids said...

I copied the recipe and am excited to try it! Thanks!

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