October 29, 2008

I am SO excited! Wicked is officially coming to SLC in April! It is my favorite musical ever! I love the music and the costumes and everything about it!! I have been lucky enough to see it in NYC and LA but I think I need to see it again! And Brian said he would take me! And Zions Bank is having a special pre-ticket sale on Friday! So I told Brian, "you can bet that I will be on the computer at 10am when they go on sale!" :)


Lesa said...

I can't believe you have seen it twice already! Yeah for Wicked!

Brooke said...

I am excited to see it to! My mom is getting tickets on Friday for my family. Kevin doesn't know yet and he may not be as excited.

Holly and Daric said...

I love Wicked! So great!

The Millers said...

I'm going to have to call you to find out a little more about that sale! I would love to go again.

Jordan and Shalyce said...

Kendra- I want to go to Wicked too! I need you to tell me how to get tickets. Maybe I can convince Jordan that would be a super awesome thing for a husband to do. Hope you're doing good. PS your blog is super cute! Our family is blog happy so I decided I should get one going too. shalyceandjordan.blogspot.com

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